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The Incredible Egg Chef Challenge is an opportunity for students learning at-home to:

  • Discover how to best navigate a website; how to study from videos and how-to instructions; how to cook following instructions; then take photos of their finished products.
  • Put photos of finished products together in a presentation, labeling each photo
  • Research all the various resources for recipes and prepare two recipes (which each include a minimum of four eggs).
  • Study food styling techniques from magazines, Pinterest, etc.; set up their finished recipes to make their product look enticing; take photos, and include them in the report.
  • Learn to write recipes correctly, so they can be easily followed, and include them in their report.

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America's egg farmers invite you to learn more about where eggs come from and encourage you to help fight childhood hunger by taking the pledge to eat well and do something good every day. For each pledge, an egg is given to the hungry in America. Go to

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Berry Delicious Egg Recipe Contest:

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