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The Incredible Egg Chef Challenge is an opportunity for students learning at-home to:

  • Discover how to best navigate a website; how to study from videos and how-to instructions; how to cook following instructions; then take photos of their finished products.
  • Put photos of finished products together in a presentation, labeling each photo
  • Research all the various resources for recipes and prepare two recipes (which each include a minimum of four eggs).
  • Study food styling techniques from magazines, Pinterest, etc.; set up their finished recipes to make their product look enticing; take photos, and include them in the report.
  • Learn to write recipes correctly, so they can be easily followed, and include them in their report.


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For some terrific ideas for educators that'll get teachers and students alike, egg-cited, go to:

One of the Virginia Egg Council's first priorities is to help educators teach about the goodness of eggs. Whether it's a culinary classroom; a group of Girl Scouts, boy scouts, or 4-H members; a Home and Community group; an elementary, middle or high school teacher, or an extension agent, we're here to help you.

One of the most popular programs the VA Egg Council sponsors are:

• Free Eggs for Classroom Use, where we pay for the eggs when teachers teach an egg lesson (not intended for craft projects, but for learning how to cook eggs). Teachers or group leaders fill in a reimbursement form and send it, along with a copy of a store receipt and lesson plan. Reimbursement form.